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Easy Pregnancy Yoga Poses for Natural Birth

Yoga is one of the best ways to keep your body in shape and mind in peace. It also helps in improving flexibility in your body. Flexibility in the body is very much related to pregnancy and giving birth. When I say pregnancy, labor, and giving birth are the biggest challenges in a woman’s life, you can’t deny it!.

Studies show that the percentage of women having natural childbirth has reduced in the last years. Reasons can be so many, but with pregnancy yoga tips, you can make the possibilities of giving vaginal childbirth high and with minimal pain and complexity.

Why yoga is important for you and your baby

Yoga not only prepares your body for childbirth but it also helps in healthy baby development. During pregnancy, a woman’s body will go through a lot of changes both mentally and physically. Addressing them itself is pain and may lead to frustration and depression. After all, it is all for that baby of yours. Practicing yoga from the early first trimester of pregnancy will help in an immense way to reduce these complications mentally and physically. When your mind and soul is in peace, your body will automatically start concentrating on developing the baby, so healthy you will be fruitful for you and your baby.You can try pregnancy yoga at home also.If you are not feeling confident in doing at home, you can join some pregnancy yoga classes in Bangalore or your nearby location.

Let’s look at how the pelvic floor actually works? The pelvic floor is the main part that helps in childbirth, but the pelvic muscles are mostly tight and weak. The initial step to be taken during pregnancy is, untighten the muscles and make it stretch and then the strengthening process. As the pelvic floor is the ultimate supporter of the pregnancy, it should be strong, and as long as possible. A normal body’s muscles will be tight and rigid without any physical activities and are hard to stretch.

Developing strength and elasticity is important during the pregnancy process. The goal is easy to achieve for women with regular yoga practice. As well all know, “The superior woman’s power can do anything and everything with her will”.

Benefits of pregnancy yoga poses:

Prenatal yoga has many benefits like

  • Increases the muscle’s endurance, flexibility, elasticity, and strength
  • Improves your sleep cycle
  • Reduces pregnancy depression
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Enhances better blood and fluid circulation to the fetus
  • Reduces pregnancy-related issues like nausea, headache, stomach upsets and breath shortness
  • Relaxes muscles and reduces lower back pain
  • Improves blood flow in the body and reduces leg and joint pains
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy
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Easy pregnancy yoga poses for a natural birth

Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

The chair pose is simple and effective. Pretend to sit on a chair and wait for a few minutes, this asana is good for strengthening your pelvic muscles and thigh region.

Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose)

The vajrasana or thunderbolt pose helps in maintaining and making your posture erect. It will strengthen your back muscles and reduce back muscle cramps and stiffness during pregnancy. It is a great pose to relax muscles.

Sukhasana (Butterfly pose)

The direction of doing this asana is simple, fold your legs like a butterfly. It involves the coordination of all body parts like arms, thighs, back and pelvic region. It is helpful in relaxing inner thigh muscles and legs and it also relieves any muscle fatigue in that area.

Tadasana or Palm Tree Pose

Tadasana is standing straight by stretching hands, it helps in strengthening the spine and maintaining good physical and mental balance.

Manjari Asana or Cat Pose

The asana is extremely beneficial for the reproductive system. And it helps in bringing flexibility to the shoulder, spine, and neck.

Well, getting knowledge about the benefits of pregnancy yoga poses is fine. But it is always advisable to have a trainer with you if you’re a fresher. Never open another tab to search for the best yoga instructor. PREGSO developed a unique system to meet your requirements and connect you with verified and the best YOGA instructor to match your health needs. Deal with stress, depression and other hormonal imbalances before, during and after Pregnancy easily with Pregso. Contact us to know about our skill sets.