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Six Ways to Keep Yourself Mentally Fit During Pregnancy

Congratulations on the good news! We are sure that this journey towards motherhood is already getting you some (serious) jitters on the roadway ahead. While your body’s preparing itself for a big 9 months ahead of where you’ll undergo changes, it can be mentally taxing to face the onset of pregnancy changes, especially if you’re a first-time mom.  

Pregnancy hormones will be released, making you feel different things – euphoria, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, sadness, and in some cases, even depression. You must be able to understand these emotions and prepare yourself mentally to not put pressure on yourself.

While the body undergoes changes, the mind needs to be strong enough to keep up with them. Mental health during pregnancy is an important topic, and its something you must address if you’re pregnant. Sometimes, there are moments when you’ll feel a surge of emotions, and keeping them in check is an important aspect.

At Pregso, we advocate exercises and tips to stay mentally fit during pregnancy, so do check them out.

If you’re a to-be mom and want to start taking care of your mental nourishment just as your physique then here are six ways you can manage your mental wellbeing during pregnancy. 


  1. Eating right – 
    Nutrition during pregnancy
    It’s an obvious way to keep yourself fit, but it’s also one of the most neglected. Eating the right food during pregnancy can go a long way in keeping yourself mentally fit. Food that’s high in protein, including eggs and fish, can make a world of difference. They help keep your health balanced and mentally calm during this phase.
    Even fruits like oranges and lemons can help the body absorb iron and keep you mentally healthy.
    Dosage of Folate – a B vitamin can prevent defects in the spinal cord and brain, and help you feel better after you wake up.
    Avocados are also a great fruit to consume as they are rich in iron, which triggers the central nervous system and keeps it calm during this critical phase.Try to also consume carbs in the form of potatoes and cereals to give you the daily energy you require to stay active and fit. Green, leafy veggies are also an excellent bet to aid in keeping your body feeling healthy and nutritious, which in turn has a positive effect on the mind.
  2. Having nutritional supplements –
    Supplements during pregnancy

    While having the right nutritional supplements are essential at any stage, they are more so during the pregnancy phase. It gives you the nourishment and calmness you require to stay mentally active and better.
    Prenatal vitamins are a good start, as they provide that extra bit of micronutrients needed for the development of the fetus, so it doesn’t affect your body.
    If you are planning to start with your nutritional supplements soon, don’t forget to include Folate. This is a supplement you should consume to reduce neural tube defects, which can cause headaches and make you feel emotional. 600 ug of folic acid is recommended as a daily intake for pregnant women.
  3. Getting regular exercise –
    Exercise during pregnancy
    A daily dose of exercise improves
    mental health in pregnancy, unlike any other. There are so many different forms of exercise you could be getting, and we’d recommend the most simple one to have you feeling right – walking. That’s all it takes if you want to feel better while you’re pregnant.
    Heading out and enjoying a stroll gives you the advantage of breathing fresh air and exposing yourself to various sights and sounds that can help stimulate your brain.
    When you get your brain working and exercising while you walk, your whole system feels great and gives you a small boost of endorphins. These endorphins can go a long way in ensuring your mood is better, and mental health remains in check.
  4. Meditate regularly –
    meditation during pregnancy
    While walking is a good way to keep the body in check, proper breathing can alter your mental make-up entirely. Yoga is the best way to ensure your breathing patterns are normal, and you’re constantly engaging your mind with your body.

    It doesn’t take much too. Maybe 20 to 30 minutes a day just meditating in silence and following deep breathing exercises can make a whole world of difference. Once you’re done, you can feel the effects on your mind as you end up feeling lighter and happier.Check out our site and follow breathing exercises for mental health during pregnancy.
  5. Keep reading –
    Reading during Pregnancy
    Reading pregnancy blogs is a great way to keep yourself informed and also understand the different foods, activities, and other things you must avoid during this period. Once you discover a great blog that allows you to learn more about your body and
    mind during pregnancy, keep updating yourself on the latest information available on the internet.Good blogs can give you the crucial advice you’re looking for at different phases of your pregnancy. If there’s something that’s bothering you, don’t hesitate to look it up and understand how you can get better and improve your mental state.
    The baby will arrive in due time, but your health shouldn’t be compromised, should it?
  6. Keep listening to music-
    Listen to music during pregnancyGood habits keep you disciplined and allow you the freedom to enjoy your guilty pleasures without any tension. One of the most common practices you could follow during pregnancy is listening to good music. Music is said to have a good effect – both for you and your child. It is the mental health pregnancy support you are looking for and can improve your mood drastically.If there are particular musicians you enjoy, set aside half an hour or an hour listening to their music. It will stimulate your mind and reduce the stress levels while also calming the baby inside you that’s being exposed to the outside sounds daily.Mental health and pregnancy go hand-in-hand, and they require a certain level of discipline to keep the mind pleasant and engaged. Try out the different ways to keep yourself mentally fit during pregnancy, and the effects will wear off on your baby as well!This can be a challenging phase, but it’s also a happy one because the reward you receive at the end can be so fulfilling. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and do the things you love just because you’re pregnant. Find ways to work hobbies and other activities with your pregnancy, and you’ll find out the positive effects it can have in your mind and for the baby!We wish you all the best. Stay happy and smile at all times. Good luck!